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Factory Direct Fabrics is where savvy buyers of fabric go to find the best selection, quality, and value.  In a family business with generations of textile history, we welcome our customers as part of our family and as partners in crafting and building with textiles.


Why are our prices so low?

1.  We try to avoid shipping to our facility or a 3rd party warehouse; that adds to the cost!  To keep prices low, we ship directly from the factory floor.  

2.  We offer quantity breaks for all of our fabrics.  It’s only fair-as a customer orders more yardage, our per yard cost of cutting and packaging go down.  We pass on those savings.

3.  We focus on quality, which means we don’t have to worry about the costs of returns. Factory Direct Fabrics only ships first quality yardage and we never cut corners.  It makes our customers happier, and keeps our costs lower in the long run.


We’re a company that loves working with fabrics.  Our customers share the same passion, and that’s what makes us appreciate and admire them.  We’re a company that is easy to work with and is always there for support; both by phone and email.  Finally, we’re a company which knows what makes our customers most happy: Low Prices, Great Product Selection, Quality, and 'Family-Style' Customer Service. We will always strive to deliver this.