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Chamea II-35 Colors

Content: Vinyl        Width: 54"        Roll Size: 35 yd.        Weight (per linear yd): 26 oz.  
Chamea II Vinyl continues the quality and durability legend that Naugahyde stands for while underscoring the statement, "Made with Pride in the USA!" Has superior disinfectant properties with disinfectant products containing 10% common household bleach solution. Treated with Advanced BeautyGard® protective top coat finish and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.
Specs:  Abrasion: Exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs  Sulfide Stain Resistant: Yes  Oil Resistant: Yes  ASTME 1428 (Pink Stain Test): Yes  Cold Crack: -20å¡   Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E  BIFMA Class 1  MVSS 302

Antelope Antelope SKU# CY-19 | Yard Avail: 0

Baja Brown Baja Brown SKU# CY-008 | Yard Avail: 0

Beach Beach SKU# CY-04 | Yard Avail: 0

Black Black SKU# CY-18 | Yard Avail: 0

Buff Buff SKU# CY-015 | Yard Avail: 0

Butter Butter SKU# CY-07 | Yard Avail: 0

Chaps Chaps SKU# CY-13 | Yard Avail: 15

Dark Pewter Dark Pewter SKU# CY-21 | Yard Avail: 0

Eden Eden SKU# CY-24 | Yard Avail: 16

Graphite Grey Graphite Grey SKU# CY-01 | Yard Avail: 55

Honesty Honesty SKU# CY-26 | Yard Avail: 10

Light Gray Light Gray SKU# CY-22 | Yard Avail: 0

Mahogany Mahogany SKU# CY-14 | Yard Avail: 22

Marmalade Marmalade SKU# CY-27 | Yard Avail: 0

Melon Melon SKU# CY-28 | Yard Avail: 0

Navy Navy SKU# CY-17 | Yard Avail: 0

Palm Palm SKU# CY-10 | Yard Avail: 0

Red Red SKU# CY-03 | Yard Avail: 11

Sand Sand SKU# CY-12 | Yard Avail: 11

Seaglass Seaglass SKU# CY-32 | Yard Avail: 35

Soft White Soft White SKU# CY-20 | Yard Avail: 0

Spruce Spruce SKU# CY-16 | Yard Avail: 11

Stardust Stardust SKU# CY-02 | Yard Avail: 0

Stone Stone SKU# CY-06 | Yard Avail: 26

Sunlight Sunlight SKU# CY-05 | Yard Avail: 25

Valley Valley SKU# CY-35 | Yard Avail: 0

Water Water SKU# CY-09 | Yard Avail: 12

Woodviolet Woodviolet SKU# CY-33 | Yard Avail: 0