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Oxen-15 Colors

Content: Vinyl        Width: 54"      Roll Size: 40 yd.       Weight (per linear yd): 25.3 oz.  
Oxen Vinyl has a Hi-Loft²™ 100% Polyester backing and anti-static finish. This fabric has been designed for use in the automotive industry, meeting Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302, and is an excellent choice for office and residential upholstery uses as well.
Specs:  Abrasion: Exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs  Sulfide Stain Resistant: Yes  Oil Resistant: Yes  ASTME 1428 (Pink Stain Test): No  Cold Crack: -20å¡   Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E  BIFMA Class 1  MVSS 302

Beige Beige SKU# OX-027 | Yard Avail: 97

Black Black SKU# OX-22 | Yard Avail: 96

Bone Bone SKU# OX-25 | Yard Avail: 100

Brown Brown SKU# OX-021 | Yard Avail: 100

Camel Camel SKU# OX-32 | Yard Avail: 100

Char. Brown Char. Brown SKU# OX-20 | Yard Avail: 100

Dark Blue Dark Blue SKU# OX-29 | Yard Avail: 97

Firethorn Firethorn SKU# OX-33 | Yard Avail: 98

Green Green SKU# OX-28 | Yard Avail: 99

Maroon Maroon SKU# OX-26 | Yard Avail: 97

Medium Green Medium Green SKU# OX-30 | Yard Avail: 100

Silver Silver SKU# OX-31 | Yard Avail: 100

Tan Tan SKU# OX-24 | Yard Avail: 100

Wedgewood Blue Wedgewood Blue SKU# OX-34 | Yard Avail: 99