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Spirit Millennium-95 Colors

Content: Vinyl        Width: 54"        Roll Size: 30 yd.        Weight (per linear yd): 37 oz.  
Spirit Millennium Vinyl offers a multitude of gorgeous colors. The Advanced Beautygard® protective topcoat is produced from eco friendly materials and has been formulated to achieve highest industry performance standards. Spirit Millenium upholstery vinyl is manufactured to withstand high traffic areas such as those found in hotels, restaurants and offices.
Specs:  Abrasion: Exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs  Sulfide Stain Resistant: Yes  Oil Resistant: Yes  ASTME 1428 (Pink Stain Test): Yes  Cold Crack: -20å¡    Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E  BIFMA Class 1  MVSS 302  Fed Spec CID A-A-2950  FAR 25.853  Port Authority NY/NJ  Boston Fire Code

Adobe White Adobe White SKU# US-0394 | Yard Avail: 27

Alabaster Alabaster SKU# US-0396 | Yard Avail: 15

Alpine Alpine SKU# US-0530 | Yard Avail: 7

American Beauty American Beauty SKU# US-360 | Yard Avail: 44

Artichoke Artichoke SKU# US-0527 | Yard Avail: 14

Bisque Bisque SKU# US-0409 | Yard Avail: 13

Black Black SKU# US-393 | Yard Avail: 49

Blue Ridge Blue Ridge SKU# US-0427 | Yard Avail: 35

Bone Bone SKU# US-404 | Yard Avail: 28

Bristol Blue Bristol Blue SKU# US-515 | Yard Avail: 0

British Tan British Tan SKU# US-365 | Yard Avail: 22

Bronze Bronze SKU# US-523 | Yard Avail: 0

Burgundy Burgundy SKU# US-364 | Yard Avail: 6

Camel Camel SKU# US-387 | Yard Avail: 20

Capri Blue Capri Blue SKU# US-514 | Yard Avail: 16

Chestnut Chestnut SKU# US-375 | Yard Avail: 11

China Green China Green SKU# US-434 | Yard Avail: 0

Cinnabar Cinnabar SKU# US-520 | Yard Avail: 0

Cinnamon Cinnamon SKU# US-377 | Yard Avail: 7

Claret Claret SKU# US-357 | Yard Avail: 13

Concord Concord SKU# US-510 | Yard Avail: 0

Coral Sand Coral Sand SKU# US-502 | Yard Avail: 0

Crocus Crocus SKU# US-433 | Yard Avail: 22

Dark Cherry Dark Cherry SKU# US-507 | Yard Avail: 9

Dark Purple Dark Purple SKU# US-512 | Yard Avail: 0

Deep Violet Deep Violet SKU# US-511 | Yard Avail: 16

Dewberry Dewberry SKU# US-424 | Yard Avail: 0

Doe Doe SKU# US-519 | Yard Avail: 0

Dove Dove SKU# US-413 | Yard Avail: 35

Dusty Jade Dusty Jade SKU# US-417 | Yard Avail: 22