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Universal-26 Colors

Content: Vinyl        Width: 54"       Roll Size: 40 yd.      Weight (per linear yd): 26 oz.  

Universal Vinyl Fabric is a popular fabric choice for automotive and marine upholstery. Jersey Knit backing with Advanced Beautygard® topcoat finish. Has great durability, scuff and scrape resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance. Easy to sew, maintain, and clean. Intended for outdoor use, but can also be used for indoor applications where a durable, waterproof vinyl is needed Great for exterior and interior cushions, speed boat interiors, cockpit cushions, bar stools, snowmobile seats, and automotive and marine upholstery.


Specs:  Abrasion: Exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs  Sulfide Stain Resistant: Yes  Oil Resistant: Yes  ASTME 1428 (Pink Stain Test): Yes  Cold Crack: -20å¡   Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E  BIFMA Class 1 MVSS 302

American Beauty American Beauty SKU# MT-019 | Yard Avail: 22

Cinnabar Cinnabar SKU# MT-018 | Yard Avail: 65

Cordovan Cordovan SKU# MT-29 | Yard Avail: 11

Cream Cream SKU# MT-33 | Yard Avail: 5

Dark Cherry Dark Cherry SKU# MT-20 | Yard Avail: 0

Dark Navy Dark Navy SKU# MT-31 | Yard Avail: 52

Dark Pewter Dark Pewter SKU# MT-37 | Yard Avail: 4

Deep Violet Deep Violet SKU# MT-021 | Yard Avail: 2

Forest Forest SKU# MT-014 | Yard Avail: 18

French Green French Green SKU# MT-26 | Yard Avail: 9

Graphite Graphite SKU# MT-34 | Yard Avail: 0

Java Java SKU# MT-30 | Yard Avail: 30

Medium Gray Medium Gray SKU# MT-36 | Yard Avail: 0

Oxford Wine Oxford Wine SKU# MT-27 | Yard Avail: 84

Prairie Prairie SKU# MT-38 | Yard Avail: 7

Pure White Pure White SKU# MT-32 | Yard Avail: 30

Raven Raven SKU# MT-35 | Yard Avail: 30

Regimental Blue Regimental Blue SKU# MT-22 | Yard Avail: 12

Sky Blue Sky Blue SKU# MT-23 | Yard Avail: 6

Taupe Taupe SKU# MT-24 | Yard Avail: 25

Yellow Yellow SKU# MT-17 | Yard Avail: 2