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Herculite Rivera-3 Colors

Content: 100% Vinyl      Width: 61 inches     Weight: 12.5 oz / sq yd
This fabric has a soft and supple appeal and is available in several shades of white to match gel-coats from around the world. Ease of cleaning, prolongs the life of the boat fabric. Colorfast, mildew-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof
Care: Occasional hosing with clear water will prevent dirt accumulation. Most dirt accumulation can be removed by mild soap, water and a soft scrub brush. Rinse thoroughly


Ivory Ivory SKU# KBRMF110167 | Yard Avail: 50

Snow White Snow White SKU# KBRMF110166 | Yard Avail: 6

White White SKU# KBRMF110168 | Yard Avail: 6