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EZ Vinyl-41 Colors

Content: Vinyl        Width: 54"      Roll Size: 40 yd.       Weight (per linear yd): 25 oz.  
EZ Vinyl is a great all-purpose solution for automotive, marine, and upholstery needs!. 100% polyester backing, this Vinyl is durable and easily cleaned. Meets Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302. Also a great choice for office and residential upholstery. 
Specs: Abrasion: 50,000 Cycles, CFFA-1a #8 Cotton Duck  Tensile Strength: Warp: 80  Fill: 68  Gauge(Mils): 37  Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E  FMVSS-302  NFPA 260 Class I      

Black Elk Black Elk SKU# EZY-9016 | Yard Avail: 31

Black Heidi Black Heidi SKU# EZY-6507 | Yard Avail: 10

Black Madrid Black Madrid SKU# EZY-2295 | Yard Avail: 50

Black Sierra Black Sierra SKU# EZY-0958 | Yard Avail: 75

Black Wallaby Black Wallaby SKU# EZY-5004 | Yard Avail: 31

Brown Sierra Brown Sierra SKU# EZY-4834 | Yard Avail: 44

Brown Wallaby Brown Wallaby SKU# EZY-5018 | Yard Avail: 13

Dark Maple Sierra Dark Maple Sierra SKU# EZY-5628 | Yard Avail: 15

Grey Wallaby Grey Wallaby SKU# EZY-5016 | Yard Avail: 50

Marine White Wallaby Marine White Wallaby SKU# EZY-5000 | Yard Avail: 0

Medium Grey Monticello Medium Grey Monticello SKU# EZY-6890 | Yard Avail: 20

Off White Sierra Off White Sierra SKU# EZY-3718 | Yard Avail: 15

Royal Sierra Royal Sierra SKU# EZY-5943 | Yard Avail: 25

Tan Wallaby Tan Wallaby SKU# EZY-5006 | Yard Avail: 25

Torch Red Sierra Torch Red Sierra SKU# EZY-1000 | Yard Avail: 33