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Circles, Dots, Stars & Crosses-7oz Cotton

Content: 100% Conventional Cotton
Macon Prints are on a Natural Background
Made in the USA
Fabric Care: Cold water wash with mild detergent such as Woolite. Air dry only.
We're sorry; there are no volume discounts for any of the 100% Cotton Print fabics.
Prices are as shown for all yardage amounts.

Twinkle-Purple Twinkle-Purple SKU# PP/TWINKLEPU | Yard Avail: 100

Twinkle-Girly Blue Twinkle-Girly Blue SKU# PP/TWINKLEGB | Yard Avail: 100

Twinkle-Bella Twinkle-Bella SKU# PP/TWINKLEBE | Yard Avail: 100

Mini Swiss Cross-Black/White Mini Swiss Cross-Black... SKU# PP/MINISWISSCRBK | Yard Avail: 100

Stars-Blue Stars-Blue SKU# PP/STARSBL | Yard Avail: 100

Mini Star-Storm Mini Star-Storm SKU# PP/MINISTARST | Yard Avail: 100

Troy-Sundown Troy-Sundown SKU# PP/TROYSUN | Yard Avail: 100

Free Dots-Chill Free Dots-Chill SKU# PP/FREEDOTCHI | Yard Avail: 100

Free Dots-Chartreuse Lipstick Free Dots-Chartreuse L... SKU# PP/FREEDOTCHLI | Yard Avail: 100

Free Dots-English Free Dots-English SKU# PP/FREEDOTENG | Yard Avail: 100

Mini Dot-Lipstick/White Mini Dot-Lipstick/White SKU# PP/MINIDOTLIWH | Yard Avail: 100

Mini Dot-Premier Navy/White Mini Dot-Premier Navy/... SKU# PP/MINIDOTPNWH | Yard Avail: 100

Mini Dot-Storm/White Mini Dot-Storm/White SKU# PP/MINIDOTSTWH | Yard Avail: 100

Polka Dot-Black/White Polka Dot-Black/White SKU# PP/POLKABKWH | Yard Avail: 100

Polka Dot-Baby Pink/White Polka Dot-Baby Pink/White SKU# PP/POLKABPWH | Yard Avail: 100

Polka Dot-Chartreuse White Polka Dot-Chartreuse W... SKU# PP/POLKACEWH | Yard Avail: 100

Polka Dot-Lipstick/White Polka Dot-Lipstick/White SKU# PP/POLKALSWH | Yard Avail: 100

Polka Dot-White/Athena Gold (Metallic) Polka Dot-White/Athena... SKU# PP/POLKAWHATG | Yard Avail: 100

Mod Tie Dyed-Freedom Mod Tie Dyed-Freedom SKU# PP/MODTIEDYFR | Yard Avail: 100

Mod Tie Dyed-Rainbow Mod Tie Dyed-Rainbow SKU# PP/MODTIEDYRA | Yard Avail: 100

Spiral-Peacoat Spiral-Peacoat SKU# PP/SPIRALPEA | Yard Avail: 100

Spiral-Girly Blue Spiral-Girly Blue SKU# PP/SPIRALGB | Yard Avail: 100

Spiral-Charteuse Spiral-Charteuse SKU# PP/SPIRALCH | Yard Avail: 100

Spiral-Prism Pink Spiral-Prism Pink SKU# PP/SPIRALPRPI | Yard Avail: 100

Spiral-Purple Spiral-Purple SKU# PP/SPIRALPUR | Yard Avail: 100