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Brushed Metallic-19 Colors

Width: 54"     Roll Size: 35 yd.    Weight (per linear yd): 30 oz.  

Brushed Metallic is treated with the most advanced silver ion technology, providing a natural germ-fighting defense to help safeguard the consumer against odor and stain causing bacteria, combined with a premium stain-fighting and abrasion-resistant top coat delivers the ultimate performance solution.

Specs:  Finish: Advanced Silver Ion Protection   Content: Vinyl/Urethane Top Coat  Width: 54"   Roll Size: 30 yds. Weight (per linear yard): 30 oz.   Abrasion: Heavy Duty - Exceeds 100,000 Double Rubs   Ultra Violet Resistance: 1000 Hours   No Heavy Metals Formaldehyde Free   Mildew Resistant   Stain Resistant Scratch Resistant   Easily Cleaned Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E, UFAC Class 1, NFPA 701 Small Scale, MVS 302, NY/NJ Port Authority, Boston Fire Code, Fed. Aviation Spec. FAR 25.853, Fed St. 191AM 5903.1, IMO FTP 2010 Code

Apple Apple SKU# BRU-630 | Yard Avail: 16

Autumn Autumn SKU# BRU-608 | Yard Avail: 45

Bronze Bronze SKU# BRU-622 | Yard Avail: 29

Cactus Cactus SKU# BRU-618 | Yard Avail: 0

Cinnabar Cinnabar SKU# BRU-600 | Yard Avail: 16

Cobalt Cobalt SKU# BRU-614 | Yard Avail: 0

Coffee Coffee SKU# BRU-624 | Yard Avail: 30

Ebony Ebony SKU# BRU-636 | Yard Avail: 0

Fawn Fawn SKU# BRU-620 | Yard Avail: 12

Ivory Ivory SKU# BRU-604 | Yard Avail: 0

Melon Melon SKU# BRU-610 | Yard Avail: 0

Palm Palm SKU# BRU-632 | Yard Avail: 10

Peacock Peacock SKU# BRU-626 | Yard Avail: 10

Pewter Pewter SKU# BRU-634 | Yard Avail: 12

Platinum Platinum SKU# BRU-606 | Yard Avail: 0

Plum Plum SKU# BRU-612 | Yard Avail: 0

Straw Straw SKU# BRU-616 | Yard Avail: 0

Turquoise Turquoise SKU# BRU-628 | Yard Avail: 0

White White SKU# BRU-602 | Yard Avail: 0