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Sunbrella® Plus-13 Colors

Sunbrella®  Plus Marine Fabric
60 Inches Wide     10 oz. / sq yd     Approx. 60-yard rolls
Sunbrella® Plus goes above and beyond on the water, every single time. Sunbrella® starts with the traditional Sunbrella® awning and marine fabrics and then adds a durable polyurethane undercoating for superior water resistance. This fabric is ideal wherever water resistance is essential – biminis, enclosures, the possibilities are endless.
Sunbrella® Fabrics Are Made in the USA


Specs:  Solution Dyed Woven Acrylic     Polyurethane back-coated with  flourochemical-face     60 Inches Wide     10 oz. per sq. yd     Approx. 60 Yd rolls

Care: It is a recommended to brush off dirt before it gets embedded in the fabric. For mild stains, clean the fabric using a soft bristle brush and a soapy water solution, and be sure to rinse the soap residue thoroughly from the fabric. For tougher stains, bleach can be added to the soapy solution.

    Dubonnet Plus Dubonnet Plus SKU# KBSUN8406 | Yard Avail: 35

    Jockey Red Plus Jockey Red Plus SKU# KBSUN8403 | Yard Avail: 18

    Oyster Plus Oyster Plus SKU# KBSUN8442 | Yard Avail: 30

    Royal Blue Plus Royal Blue Plus SKU# KBSUN8417 | Yard Avail: 15