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Sunbrella® Jacquards

54 Inches Wide (137.16 cm)     60 Yard Roll     100% Sunbrella Acrylic    
Sunbrella® Jacquards are elaborate and most often multi colored patterns woven on a jacquard loom with raised yarns that permit the designs to be incorporated into the weave instead of being created through a printing process. This enables designs such as geometrics, florals, herringbones, etc., to be created with solid-dyed acrylic tod have the design appear on both sides of the fabric.
These intricate designs are great for coordinating and accenting with other fabrics, both inside and outside the home as well as below deck on a boat.
These are UV-resistant, Stain-resistant, Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Mildew-resistant fabrics which have many applications. Soft enough to be used as table linens and drapery, yet sturdy enough to handle playroom furniture, pool furniture, umbrellas and cabanas, beanbag chairs, pet beds, and so much more! Easy to sew, and easy to clean, too - most spills can be taken care of with just mild soap and water.
Sunbrella® Fabrics Are Made in the USA
Care: Simply wash with a solution of soapy water using a soft bristle brush and then rinse thoroughly. For tough stains, add bleach to the solution. When cleaning with bleach, please note that bleach will discolor non-Sunbrella® fibers. 


Alloy New Leaf Green Alloy New Leaf Green SKU# KBSUF1331-01 | Yard Avail: 25

Amarra Earth Amarra Earth SKU# KBSUF2300-02 | Yard Avail: 15

Ariel Cascade Ariel Cascade SKU# KBSUF2200-04 | Yard Avail: 18

Ariel Pumice Ariel Pumice SKU# KBSUF2200-02 | Yard Avail: 14

Chevi Bluejay Chevi Bluejay SKU# KBSUF2700-02 | Yard Avail: 30

Chevi Cascade Chevi Cascade SKU# KBSUF2700-01 | Yard Avail: 10

Chevi Flax Chevi Flax SKU# KBSUF2700-03 | Yard Avail: 40

Darcy Beeswax Darcy Beeswax SKU# KBSUF1327-14 | Yard Avail: 10

Darcy Blue Jeans Darcy Blue Jeans SKU# KBSUF1327-12 | Yard Avail: 50

Darcy Cockatoo Darcy Cockatoo SKU# KBSUF1327-11 | Yard Avail: 10

Darcy Concrete Darcy Concrete SKU# KBSUF1327-19 | Yard Avail: 45

Darcy Flint Darcy Flint SKU# KBSUF1327-15 | Yard Avail: 40

Darcy Lime Tree Darcy Lime Tree SKU# KBSUF1327-13 | Yard Avail: 10

Daze Cascade Daze Cascade SKU# KBSUF2100-06 | Yard Avail: 15

Daze Domino Daze Domino SKU# KBSUF2100-05 | Yard Avail: 15

Eden Baltic Eden Baltic SKU# KBSUF1345-25 | Yard Avail: 18

Eden Straw Eden Straw SKU# KBSUF1345-23 | Yard Avail: 35

Evora Dark Horse Evora Dark Horse SKU# KBSUF1364-01 | Yard Avail: 15

Folio Onyx Folio Onyx SKU# KBSUF45741-000 | Yard Avail: 20

Fretwork Mist Fretwork Mist SKU# KBSUF45991-0000 | Yard Avail: 15

Killian Snow Killian Snow SKU# KBSUF1121-04 | Yard Avail: 13

Laredo Lava Laredo Lava SKU# KBSUF44227-0001 | Yard Avail: 10

Legend Cornsilk Legend Cornsilk SKU# KBSUF44223-0002 | Yard Avail: 30

Lucia Limestone Lucia Limestone SKU# KBSUF2600-01 | Yard Avail: 16

Mineral Oasis Mineral Oasis SKU# KBSUF1360-03 | Yard Avail: 18

Pane Muslin Pane Muslin SKU# KBSUF2400-02 | Yard Avail: 15

Socorro Truffle Socorro Truffle SKU# KBSUF44215-0002 | Yard Avail: 5

Violetta Baltic Violetta Baltic SKU# KBSUF45760-002 | Yard Avail: 10

Virgo Azure Virgo Azure SKU# KBSUF1352-01 | Yard Avail: 35

Virgo Raven Virgo Raven SKU# KBSUF1352-02 | Yard Avail: 30