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Twilight-16 Colors

Content: Vinyl        Width: 54"      Roll Size: 30 yd.      Weight (per linear yd): 36.3 oz.  
Twilight Vinyl is an excellent choice for car, RV, office, boat and outdoor upholstery. This designer vinyl fabric comes in several mellow shades which are great for upholstering with a vintage look. Twilight Vinyl is also a great choice for conference rooms, home offices, lounge seats, spas and massage tables, with all of the hallmarks of regular vinyl including durability and ease of maintenance, and is compatible with commercially available adhesives. Also resistant to mildew, bacteria and microbes.


Specs:  Abrasion: Exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs  Sulfide Stain Resistant: Yes  Oil Resistant: Yes  ASTME 1428 (Pink Stain Test): Yes  Cold Crack: -20å¡   Flammability: Calif. Bulletin 117-E  BIFMA Class 1  MVSS 302  Fed Spec CID A-A-2950  FAR 25.853  Port Authority NY/NJ  Boston Fire Code

Biscuit Biscuit SKU# TL-52 | Yard Avail: 100

Carnation Carnation SKU# TL-59 | Yard Avail: 100

Cloud Blue Cloud Blue SKU# TL-54 | Yard Avail: 100

Crocus Crocus SKU# TL-56 | Yard Avail: 100

Doeskin Doeskin SKU# TL-51 | Yard Avail: 100

Forest Forest SKU# TL-65 | Yard Avail: 100

Grey Taupe Grey Taupe SKU# TL-58 | Yard Avail: 100

Heather Heather SKU# TL-61 | Yard Avail: 100

Jade Jade SKU# TL-57 | Yard Avail: 100

Midnite Grey Midnite Grey SKU# TL-66 | Yard Avail: 100

Peach Rose Peach Rose SKU# TL-53 | Yard Avail: 100

Pecan Pecan SKU# TL-62 | Yard Avail: 100

Rosewood Rosewood SKU# TL-63 | Yard Avail: 100

Satin Bark Satin Bark SKU# TL-55 | Yard Avail: 96

Teal Teal SKU# TL-66 | Yard Avail: 100