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Sunbrella® ICON Collection-19 Styles

54 Inches Wide (137.16cm)     8 oz / sq yd     6.72" repeat      60 Yard Roll    
100% Sunbrella® Solution-Dyed Acrylic     Selvedge: Left / Right 
The Sunbrella® Icon Collection draws its inspiration from Sunbrella® archives, reflecting the enduring energy and optimism of the 1960s and 1970s. It includes vintage stripes and solid plain weaves, as well as muted tones of the 60's and vibrant pops of color of the 70's, and represents the unique heritage of timeless design. Offers UV, water, and mildew resistance; minimal shrinking or stretching; breathable to prevent condensation; fade resistant. Easy to sew - Use a V-69 thread with a #16 needle. There is no right nor wrong side to this upholstery fabric, meaning either side can be exposed to the outside.
Sunbrella® Fabrics Are Made in the USA
Care: Simply wash with a solution of soapy water using a soft bristle brush and then rinse thoroughly. For tough stains, add bleach to the solution. When cleaning with bleach, please note that bleach will discolor non-Sunbrella® fibers.

Decade Pewter Decade Pewter SKU# KBSUF58024 | Yard Avail: 100

Decade Sand Decade Sand SKU# KBSUF58025 | Yard Avail: 100

HiFi Glow HiFi Glow SKU# KBSUF58023 | Yard Avail: 100

ICON Mystique ICON Mystique SKU# KBSUF58009 | Yard Avail: 93

ICON Pop ICON Pop SKU# KBSUF58010 | Yard Avail: 100

Mode Lake Mode Lake SKU# KBSUF58006 | Yard Avail: 100

Pioneer Sunrise Pioneer Sunrise SKU# KBSUF58011 | Yard Avail: 100

Scout Clay Scout Clay SKU# KBSUF58008 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Cherry Volt Cherry SKU# KBSUF58013 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Emerald Volt Emerald SKU# KBSUF58014 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Fuchsia Volt Fuchsia SKU# KBSUF58015 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Galaxy Volt Galaxy SKU# KBSUF58016 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Glow Volt Glow SKU# KBSUF58017 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Sand Volt Sand SKU# KBSUF58018 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Sequoia Volt Sequoia SKU# KBSUF58019 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Silver Volt Silver SKU# KBSUF58020 | Yard Avail: 98

Volt Spark Volt Spark SKU# KBSUF58021 | Yard Avail: 100

Volt Sulfur Volt Sulfur SKU# KBSUF58022 | Yard Avail: 100