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Sunbrella® Awning Stripes-66 Styles

46 Inches Wide (116.84cm)     Selvege: Left / Right
Creating an outdoor area with an awning, pergola or loggia offers an excellent place to enjoy a meal, play with the kids, or just relax. A shade structure using Sunbrella® fabric offers more than just extended space - it also protects from the sun’s harmful rays, AND helps lower your energy bills! 
Sunbrella® Stripes are woven with a variety of colors and varying pattern repeats. The standard direction that the stripe material runs is vertical; however, from time to time, a stripe pattern is designed to run horizontally, and will come “railroaded,” meaning the stripe runs horizontal on the roll.
From bold cabana stripes that are ideal for drapery applications, to skinnier pin stripes that are ideal for dramatic visuals - if you are a stripe lover, then you'll find your dream stripes right here! And Sunbrella® Stripes coordinate well with many of the Awning Solids to make your home truly one-of-a-kind!
Sunbrella® Fabrics Are Made in the USA
Care: Simply wash with a solution of soapy water using a soft bristle brush and then rinse thoroughly. For tough stains, add bleach to the solution. When cleaning with bleach, please note that bleach will discolor non-Sunbrella® fibers.

Forest Green/Beige/Natural Fancy-8.97" Repeat Forest Green/Beige/Nat... SKU# KBSUN4932 | Yard Avail: 100

Forest Vintage Bar Stripe-11.44" Repeat Forest Vintage Bar Str... SKU# KBSUN4949 | Yard Avail: 100

Grey/Beige Chip Fancy Slub-7.67" Repeat Grey/Beige Chip Fancy ... SKU# KBSUN4777 | Yard Avail: 100

Grey/Black/White-11.5" Repeat Grey/Black/White-11.5"... SKU# KBSUN4799 | Yard Avail: 100

Hatteras Raven-8.31" Repeat Hatteras Raven-8.31" R... SKU# KBSUN4989 | Yard Avail: 100

Havelock Brick-9" Repeat Havelock Brick-9" Repeat SKU# KBSUN4985 | Yard Avail: 100

Heather Beige Classic-7.5" Repeat Heather Beige Classic-... SKU# KBSUN4954 | Yard Avail: 100

Heather Beige Stripe Heather Beige Stripe SKU# KBSUN4956 | Yard Avail: 95

Hemlock Tweed Fancy-9.2" Repeat Hemlock Tweed Fancy-9.... SKU# KBSUN4751 | Yard Avail: 100

Henna/Fern Vintage-22.5" Repeat Henna/Fern Vintage-22.... SKU# KBSUN4969 | Yard Avail: 100

Incline Parchment Incline Parchment SKU# KBSUN4890 | Yard Avail: 100

Kiawah Spa-14.9" Repeat Kiawah Spa-14.9" Repeat SKU# KBSUN4868 | Yard Avail: 100

Lankford Stripe Lankford Stripe SKU# KBSUN4972 | Yard Avail: 100

Manhattan Classic-14.95" Repeat Manhattan Classic-14.9... SKU# KBSUN4789 | Yard Avail: 100

Manhattan Dune-14.95" Repeat Manhattan Dune-14.95" ... SKU# KBSUN4891 | Yard Avail: 100

Manhattan Fog-14.95" Repeat Manhattan Fog-14.95" R... SKU# KBSUN4876 | Yard Avail: 100

Manhattan Forest-15.95" Repeat Manhattan Forest-15.95... SKU# KBSUN4892 | Yard Avail: 100

Manteo Cardinal-5.68" Repeat Manteo Cardinal-5.68" ... SKU# KBSUN4991 | Yard Avail: 100

Mediterranean Blue/Canvas Block Stripe-9.13" Repeat Mediterranean Blue/Can... SKU# KBSUN4921 | Yard Avail: 100

Motive Denim-14.95" Repeat Motive Denim-14.95" Re... SKU# KBSUN4895 | Yard Avail: 100

Motive Dusk-14.95" Repeat Motive Dusk-14.95" Repeat SKU# KBSUN4894 | Yard Avail: 100

Navy/Taupe Fancy-9.13" Repeat Navy/Taupe Fancy-9.13"... SKU# KBSUN4916 | Yard Avail: 100

Ombre Dark Stripe Ombre Dark Stripe SKU# KBSUN4765 | Yard Avail: 100

Pacific Blue Fancy-7.67" Repeat Pacific Blue Fancy-7.6... SKU# KBSUN4755 | Yard Avail: 100

Preston Stone-7.5" Repeat Preston Stone-7.5" Repeat SKU# KBSUN4768 | Yard Avail: 100

Putty Regimental-3.75" Repeat Putty Regimental-3.75"... SKU# KBSUN4961 | Yard Avail: 100

Rodanthe Metallic-9.37" Repeat Rodanthe Metallic-9.37... SKU# KBSUN4879 | Yard Avail: 100

Rodanthe Sunrise-9.37" Repeat Rodanthe Sunrise-9.37"... SKU# KBSUN4878 | Yard Avail: 100

Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe-7.63" Repeat Sapphire Vintage Bar S... SKU# KBSUN4948 | Yard Avail: 100

Saxon Cascade-11.16" Repeat Saxon Cascade-11.16" R... SKU# KBSUN4884 | Yard Avail: 100